Hussein Fahmy with his daughter and his father in a rare


Cairo – Howida Abu Simk

Minha Hussein Fahmy published a rare picture of her childhood brought together by her father, the artist Hussein Fahmy.

The photograph, published by Mina through her personal account on the site of Anstagram, also included the father of the artist Hussein Fahmi. The picture reflected how Hussein Fahmi had attached his daughter to his childhood.

Hussein Fahmi married at the beginning of his life from a woman named Nadia Muharram outside the artistic center, and gave birth to a girl called "Nayla" and a young man named Mahmoud, and then married artist Mervat Amin and begotten from them, but separated from them too.

Hussein also married in 2007 from the artist Leif Suidan, separated from her after 5 years in 2012, and entered with her in issues and problems because of her expense and the end of her friendship, which already got a meeting, and then married Hussein from Rana al-Kasabi, and separated from them also.

On the other hand, Hussein Fahmy is expected to present the series "The Secret". The competition will be attended by Wafa Amer, Nidal El Shafei, Maya Nasri, Rayem El Baroudi, Mohamed Soliman, Mazen El Samahy, Nour El Kadiki, Menna Galal, , And belongs to the series of the 60 episodes.


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