HP Deskjet F4580, Scanning

Another Video on Topic: Hp Deskjet F4580. My previous video on the Hp Deskjet F4580 was just giving a brief idea on how the printer sounds, looks like and …



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  1. I desire to learn how to scan my artwork from a scanner onto my laptop because I have a passion to start creating anime with only this shown I have faith it can be achieved can someone be as kind as to link me to such information I would greatly appreciate it

  2. Someone must've been throwing one of these out the other day.  I passed it on the sidewalk set next to the garbage on pick-up day.  At first, I just took the USB cable but then on my walk back I decided to take the whole machine.  Wasn't initially working when I came home to plug it in.  It was wet since it rained a few hours that morning.  Decided to let it sit inside and dry out for a couple of days.  I tried it today and it came on — and stayed on.  Online search for drivers and software pack.  Installed.  There is some kind of "cartridge problem" but the SCANNER function works nicely!  Not bad for FREE!  ☺

  3. Your first question I am uncertain on, but I can't see why scanning shouldn't work without any ink if you're only scanning to your computer. Your second question I am certain on, scanning will work without paper loaded into the printer. Hope this helps!! 😀

  4. I have 2 questions abt this printer as I recently bought this used online and bad part is that it doesnt work on windows 7, but I updated the drivers so as to make it work but my questions are:
    1) would the scanning feature work even without any ink in the printer
    2) would the scanning feature work even without any paper ?