How to ‘trick’ your boss into sending you to TNW2020

Looking to attend TNW2020 but still need it approved by your manager? Our tech festival will welcome 400 amazing speakers and guarantees two days of fun – but that might not be enough to convince your boss. Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered.

Here are three “bottom line and boss ready” reasons why TNW2020 is the number one event for your calendar in 2020:

It’s the best way to connect with the tech community

Amsterdam’s digital connectivity is amongst the best in the world. Throw in the city’s vibrant startup community, and you’ll soon realize you’ll be in the company of Europe’s most promising tech specialists and businesses at TNW2020. This year, we’re upping our game with big numbers: 20,000 like-minded people will gather together to share their tech-driven solutions for our changing world. With facts like these – it’s a no-brainer.

Hit those 2020 sales targets

Attending TNW2020 will help you on the way to hitting all of your 2020 targets. 9 out of 10 of attendees from last year say they reached their goals in 2019. Over 100,000 conversations took place in the TNW2019 app, 30,000 business meetings went down (over two days), and 87 percent of our attendees say they’re definitely coming back in 2020 – the facts speak for themselves. Need I say more?

Gain valuable knowledge and deliver insights

Since it’s our 15th birthday, we’re launching new tracks to shake things up. Each track targets a different area of tech to make sure you get the best industry-relevant insights to take back to your boss. TNW2020’s content encourages industry experts to speak out about the ways we can use new tech to make a positive impact on our society. And in this new age of consumer consciousness, it’s time to get creative with your solutions.

New tracks we’re particularly excited for this year include: Ecosystems, Sustainable Societies, and Autopilot. With all this and more, you can find the ways that TNW2020 can help your company use tech to have a lasting impact on our society. Your boss won’t be able to resist – I think this might just be your winner.

With June fast approaching, now is the best time to present your manager with a winning pitch for you and your co-workers to attend TNW2020. Good luck! See you there?

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