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  1. This kind of shit pisses me off so much, because look at the idiot’s car, barely anything happened to it (thus, nor to the driver) and the other guy just rolled a couple of times until landing upright. I’ve seen situations in which the car just rolled to its side at much lower speeds and the person in it got seriously injured. Now we have an idiot, who probably will just have a neck/shoulder pain and someone that might get serious damage because of said idiot

  2. For this reason I never try and merge into a lane when there’s a large speed differential due to traffic. There’s a very good chance I can’t accelerate fast enough and at minimum will make whoever’s behind me brake hard.

  3. A guy did this to me once. We got into an argument in front of the police and he goes “What the fuck man how did you not see my blinker!?!” Cops sided with me as he continued to tell them the government controls the weather with satellites.

  4. I don’t see brake lights from the white car until he makes contact with the merging car. The merging car is definitely in the wrong here but the white car also seems to take no action until it’s waaaay too late. It’s still the fault of the merging car but both drivers sucked here to differing extents.

  5. Oh god where I live we have these awful zipper exits. Cars merge into the interstate while other cars can get off- in about three hundred feet. It is terrifying during rush hour because you have people merging in, people leaving, and people staying. It’s like a horrible braid of vehicles going 55. I have seen stuff like this happen.

  6. Classic case of the I-don’t-want-to-wait-in-this-line syndrome. This can be proven by watching the driver switch lanes then abruptly stopping in the left lane until someone allows them to return to the right. Either way, the idiot should be removed from the gene pool.

  7. Typical case of “my indicator is on which means I CAN make the manoeuvre no matter what”. I see it all the time. The indicator is used to INDICATE your intention, then you can make the move IF AND WHEN, it’s safe to do so. But so many people think that as soon as they out the indicator in, they then have the right to make the move and everyone else must work around them. That’s not how it works.

  8. This must be in Boston. People here seem to be afraid of switching lanes, so they start with hesitation then cut across with full commitment.

    When they merge onto the highway, instead of using the entrance ramp to speed up, find their opening, then merge, they just expect oncoming traffic to move over so that they can cut across the solid lines before the two lanes are even side-by-side. They do this one more time to get into the center or fast lane then they settle in for cruising at 5 below speed-limit.

    I’m just surprised there aren’t more accidents like the one posted.

  9. This is a good example of a situation in which an aware driver can predict stupidity. If you’re on a two lane road, and one lane is free-flowing and the other one is backed up, people in that backed up are going to try to cut over into your lane whenever there’s the slightest gap. Not trying to suggest the people in the left lane are at fault here, but come on, you gotta know how many idiots are out there on the road. They’re going to way too fast IMO.

  10. My saying is “Go or don’t go, but don’t do both.”

    If you want to cut me off do it but get going so I don’t have to stop.

    If you want to turn when it isn’t your right of way, do it but don’t hesitate.

    Seems like hesitation is the primary contributor to a lot of crashes besides not paying attention.

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