Hossam Habib clarifies the reality of Shereen Abdul Wahab disease and travel for treatment

Cairo – Gololy

The Egyptian artist Shirin Abdel Wahab apologized for participating in the Carthage Festival, and rumors about her illness and her travel to London for treatment.

"Her husband, Hossam Habib, decided to go out and respond to this news, saying in a press statement:" Sheren is in good health and has no basis for her illness. Her apology for participating in the Carthage Festival is due to no difference of views. "

He added that he and his wife are currently in America, for technical connections and not in London for treatment, and that they will return within days.

At the same time, Mohammed, the brother of artist Shirin, responded to these rumors by saying: "Enough rumors have left us, Sherine Ze, and her health is in a state of praise and no traveler is being treated, nor is there any need for all of them to write it properly.

He added: «Kifah Kdb and Avtry and he has a contract to go to see and after any newspaper Hntbt need not Mtbobta spend Shirin on leave with her father».

Shein Abdul Wahab was pregnant in her fourth month and was in the United States in order to be sure of her baby's health and was expected to have her baby there, which is why she disappeared from sight and did not participate in any recent concert.

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