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His Girl Friday – Full Movie With Cary Grant & Rosalind Russell

Walter Burns (Cary Grant), newspaper editor, is out of his marriage but still not over his wife. The love reignites itself the minute Hildy (Rosalind Russell) announces her marriage. Subscribe…



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  1. I'm an aspiring writer and this movie and the dialogue was one of first inspirations to me of what one could do with simple sets and a fairly simple story. "Sparkling" is the word for the script.God—n. The casting and the use of some of my favorite character actors of that era…man. Probably my 6th time of watching it-bless you channel guy and Youtube.

  2. At the beginning when she talks about her new husband she praises him for how he treats her like a woman which is basically him treating her in a sexist way, while her ex treats her more as an equal. Found that ironic.

  3. I uploaded "His Girl Friday" a few months ago and got a World Wide Ban on it you are 1 of 5 people that I saw had this movie on YT before I uploaded and was wondering how you got the problem corrected? I disputed the claim and they rejected it.
    Thanks for any help.

  4. The actors do such a great job in this.  You can see dazzling scripts and plays absolutely ruined by actors who destroy all wit and humour when they open their mouths.  Hugely enjoyable film (although to my modern ears the racism of the time (51:25) is somewhat distasteful, and also how awful to end up with such a terrible man).