Her husband cheated on his betrayal with "chastity belt"

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Doctors struggled to save the penis of a man who was forced to wear a chastity belt in the form of a metal ring, as punishment for cheating on his wife.

The traitorous husband woke up one morning to find his penis "suffocated" with a piece of metal that his wife had put while he was asleep. He tried in vain to remove it himself before ordering an ambulance that took him to a hospital in Zaporizhia city, southern Ukraine.

But the medical team in charge of his rescue was unable to remove the metal piece, as it was very difficult for the doctors, so a specialized team of rescuers was brought in. Use a circular saw to cut the metal into two parts

The friction also heated the metal wrapped around its member, forcing the rescue team to cool it down by pouring water over it.

Speaking to local media, rescue team leader Oleksandr Brinko said: 'We received a call from doctors who asked to remove the metal ring. We used special equipment to do the job. The man was lying on the operating table under anesthesia while we were trying to cut it in half.

"We often face similar accidents and are well trained to remove rings, handcuffs, and other objects from people's bodies," added his colleague, Edward Nikhoroshev. And in this case, we actually saved the man's penis. He will be able to become a father in the future. ”

The patient is now being treated in hospital and he expects his penis to fully return soon. According to the Ukrainian media, a man in his 40s may consider seeking a divorce.

In the same context, the history of the "chastity belt" dates back to when Europe was going through its Middle Ages, after a common perception prevailed that the man at that time was tying a belt made of iron around the woman's pelvis, in order to prevent her from associating with another man while traveling Or absent from his home for long periods. Or to protect her from sexual assault.

While a number of historians unanimously agreed that this idea prevailed during the days of the Victorian era, where their contemporaries asserted that they promoted this kind of pants to establish the stereotypical idea of ​​the barbarism of that era compared to the openness witnessed in Renaissance Europe.

To this day, these types of belts are present, but they are only sold in stores specializing in sex toys.

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