Heidi Klum and Naomi Campbell at the Valentino Show

Translation – Gololy

International superstar Heidi Klum and star Naomi Campbell starred at Valentino's fashion show at the Paris Fashion Week.

The Italian designer Perpaulo Piccoli, inspired by bold colors from yellow to pink, light blue and purple, worn by the famous fashion model JJ Hadid, who was caught in the show.

Fashion designers also drew designs that mixed Japanese-inspired kimono-inspired dresses and embroidered with huge embroidery and fonnets.

The surprise of the show was the appearance of Lauren Hatton, a 75-year-old veteran who was stolen by a green dress and yellow shoes.

The German model, Heidi Klum, was in a very embarrassing position on the stage, where she was the victim of high heels during a dance show in the US talent program.

The world famous star wore a sexy red dress and danced and sang on the stage with one of the runners as she left her chair between the judging committee for the moment to make the song "Santa Baby" and signed on the plank.

It is noted that the international star did not give up and came out of her place in a beautiful way and completed the song with a clear voice and a correct performance that lead to doubt that the fall was planned.

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