Healing with Bone Broth w/ Lance Roll | Divine Superconductor Radio Ep. #019 – اخبار مجنونة

Many are familiar with the digestive soothing properties of bone broth, but the benefits of properly prepared broth from healthy animals extend far past that. Gelatin is a complex of amino acids that has a hugely beneficial effect on the brain, organs, tissues, and glands. Enjoy this interview with Lance Roll, the Flavor Chef, where he breaks it down.
The anti-stress effects of gelatin and the stabilizing effects on the nervous system should not be underestimated. We swim in a soup of glyphosate and non-native electromagnetic fields. Gelatin helps fortify our system to handle both of those toxins.

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00:12 Introduction
01:23 Interview Begins
03:44 Food Absorption
04:38 Weston A. Price Discoveries
06:44 Indigenous Cultural Practices
08:20 Quality Animal Products
09:27 Quality of the Water
11:11 Hydration
12:25 Filtration Systems
16:12 Physical Degeneration
17:58 Bone Broth Benefits
21:13 The Quality Process
24:37 Grounding & The Ocean
26:01 Collagen vs Bone Broth
28:38 Boxed Bone Broths & Cheap Broths
34:28 Benefits of Gelatin
36:12 Improves the Immune System
38:30 Balancing Effects of Bone Broth
41:39 The Packaging Process
43:30 How to Prepare the Bone Broth
47:12 Glyphosate in some Broths
50:44 Recommended Dosage
52:32 Beef vs. Chicken Broth
55:25 Feed in Chicken Husbandry
58:18 Eating Bone Marrow
1:02:06 How to Make Bone Broth
1:04:58 Materials to Use
1:07:14 Best Parts of Animal to Use
1:07:57 How Often and How Much
1:08:45 Broth in Ice Cube Tray
1:10:26 Closing Notes

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