1. So many people would just gripe and get mad and even quit, some might try again and fail because they keep thinking about how unfair it was that their gold medal lift was taken from them. This guy chose to come out and shut everyone up. Truly inspiring, I think many could learn from this mans mental fortitude.

    Edit: I didn’t watch this event and didn’t realize he had already won the gold even with the judges taking away his 192 lift. I just made assumptions based on the OPs video

  2. China is really getting fck on this olympics…. So many unfair treatments. Wasnt there another one gumnastic jumped perfectly but the japanese made an error but the latter won gold….

  3. He already pretty much won gold metal with the previous 188 lift, so might as well go for the WR. No point tryin 192 again.
    My men here just competing against himself at the Olympic…

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