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Russian police managed to arrest a young man who tried to cause panic in the passengers of the Moscow metro, after pretending that he had symptoms of the "Corona" virus.

According to "Russia Today", a spokeswoman for the Russian Interior Ministry, Irina Falk: After monitoring and following the media and social media, the police forces were able to arrest a young man who violated the rules of public order in the Moscow subway.

The young man, Karomat Gaborov, had entered his and his friends on a train car in the metro of the Russian capital, Moscow, wearing a medical mask, began to pretend to be very tired and then threw himself on the floor among the passengers in the cabin and began to tremble, to try to deceive them and convince them that he is sick, while his friend rose By shouting "Corona virus here … get out quickly," which sparked panic and panic among people.

Alexei Popov, the lawyer for the aforementioned youth, said: The Gaborov joke had a meaning. He drew people's attention to the Corona virus and the need to prevent it and protect themselves by wearing medical masks.

Russian media have indicated that the youth have been charged with rioting, and he will be transferred to court, and if he is found guilty, he will likely be imprisoned.

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