Hani Shaker starred in his concert in the Riyadh season in the presence of the full number .. Pictures

Cairo – Doaa El-Araby

Prince of Arab singing revived the Egyptian artist Hani Shaker, one of the biggest concerts of the Riyadh season, in the presence of various Arab nationalities, especially the Gulf, within the activities of "The King of Oud", at the Abu Bakr Salem theater.

Amir El Ghanah shines with a large number of his romantic and tarb songs that sparked the atmosphere of the concert, including: “I am my heart for you” and “I have the story”, “Forget about you is difficult for sure”, “I will tell you why, Ain,” “Ya Ritni”, and “Les ask me” , “Mottahadish”, “Tayer Ya Hawa”, “Baladi”, “Messa Al-Nour and Hana”, in addition to “Jana El Hawa” and “Sawah” for Nightingale.

He also presented during his concert his last song "Abuaya", which achieved high viewership on social media, and it was written by the poet Sami Al-Noihi, composed by Omar, and the music distributor Ahmed Taya took over.

Prior to the end of the ceremony, Hani Shaker was keen to extend a word of thanks to Chancellor Turki Al Sheikh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Entertainment Authority, which sponsors the Riyadh season, in addition to his wife, Mrs. Nahla, who was part of the attendance and his business manager Tamer Abdel Moneim.

The Egyptian artist Hani Shaker, captain of the musical professions, had recently revealed his rituals before his rise to any concert.

Media Bossi Shalaby, published a video through her personal page on the "Instagram" site, in which the artist Hani Shaker appears in his room and before his rise on the stage to participate in the activities of the Oud Festival.

And she said in the video: “We stormed the moment (Al-Suwit) at the Prince of Arab singing, wanting to know the rituals… minutes of salvation, and we look at the stage .. We said, we storm, we see you doing what”, while he replied by saying: “Good morning, your prayers .. the rituals remain tense A little bit, but he forgot about me, of course .. I did not go clean during the day, comfortable and by drinking warm needs, and because of the weather .. And at night I feared that I came down .. But, thank God, the theater is closed .. And the truth is the people here in the name of God, God willing, they have everything available, available and very easy to change and after What happened yesterday were taken to a closed theater.

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