Hanadi al-Kandari reveals for the first time the reason for wearing hijab

Cairo – Gololy

Kuwaiti artist Hanadi Al-Kandari revealed for the first time the reason for removing the veil, after entering the artistic field.

The Kuwaiti artist expressed her regret for taking off her hijab. She said during a television interview: "I object to my will and take it off of my own will. I am sorry that I dropped the hijab and I hope that I will wear the headscarf."

And the reason for wearing the hijab, she said: "I am a man of temperament to the farthest .. I originally wear it wrong .. I mean the veil, you wear it right, either do not paint it .. because your relationship with the Lord of the worlds Mu hijab .. But I was wearing Trebon and put Mick father and dress was Sfor ".

For his part, confirmed the husband of the Kuwaiti artist, director Mohamed Haddad that he does not mind that his wife wears the hijab again, but on the contrary it likes the shape of the veil, but to be convinced of them.

Hadari Al-Kandari is a Kuwaiti actress and broadcaster. She worked as a journalist at the beginning of a newspaper, then presented the program Rayak Shabab, which is broadcast on Al Rai channel, and then entered the field of art.

At the beginning of the entry of Hanadi for the media was wearing the veil, but when she entered the field of representation by the end of 2011 decided to take it off.

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