Haifa Wehbe defends Mohamed Waziri and clarifies the truth that he hid him – اخبار مجنونة


Cairo – Gololy

The Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe defended her director Mohamed Waziri after the assault on him by his viewers after his opinion on the "Lili Challenge".

Haifa Wehbe commented on the tweet of Mohamed Waziri, saying: "My minister, I’m sorry if a few of you’re being harassed by me due to me, and sadly if a few of the followers are injured by the opinion of my minister or his response, Belize who loves me focuses with me."

She added: "Quickly my new movie, which nearly Mohammed Maenam venture is like what’s Behimli, no, he’s brief and he isn’t Bemnni for my Republican and don’t worry me about you I’m not a human straightforward I say to work not 100 occasions and as soon as earlier than I don’t want to simply accept Kalashvn Ali I Heck Rasi Yabs and Hick my manner ".

The assault on Vaziri, after he expressed his opinion on the controversial Laila Challenge, led to the cancellation of one in all her concert events within the Lebanese capital Beirut.

Haifa Wehbe's viewers was shocked by the announcement of his resignation, saying that he had not managed the work of any artist prior to now, and agreed to be a supervisor and not using a price, to be able to love him and his curiosity within the curiosity.

He added that he likes to see her as a profitable actor and to not be attacked by her viewers due to him. He can’t rise up to what’s being stated to him and the evaluation he receives about work that isn’t his occupation in any respect, and the insult he and his household suffered.

He introduced his resignation formally from the Division of its work and that he has no relation to this facet, declaring that it’s going to stay accountable.


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