|Growtopia Private Server| How to get Gems Easier? – اخبار مجنونة

*Giveaway At 100SUBS
*How many subscribers do u have? (75)
*Did u hack some people? (No I help people 😎)
*Where you find Wls? (I profit so i can make wls)
*Can donate? (Nope wait at 100subs ;])
*Do u have pro account? (yes lvl 81 SUPPORTER)
*Do u have Main world? (Nope)
*Do u donate some pros? (Sometimes XD)
*Do u have idol in gt? (yes Jamew7 mrsongo NoobzGt teryjaki Wendyx Noobtactic Peterw)
*Are u mod ( Nope but i wish to)
*Do u private server? ( Yes Name kingshow)
*How to private server (wait at 150subs)
*how to profit growtopia? (Watch My channel VIPlays Gt)
*How many waste when u giveaway last time? ( 30wls+)
*Do u have guild by your own? (Nope But soon as possible)
*Can I donate ur world? ( Yes i would love to goto GUILDLOCKERS)
*Do U see a mod? ( Nope But mod ban me XD)
*Do U have hater? (Yes i hate Trash talker)
*Are you Scammer? ( Nope but i was grade 4 im scammer but today im not scammer anymore..)
*Did u got hacked? (Yes My main account)
*Did u got scammed?(Yes many times but last scammed that was unbelievable glitch)
*Are you bored Playing Gt? ( yup sometimes i play mobile legend Name SoLdIeR.DoTa)


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