1. This is why I get nervous when I’ve been in someone’s blind spot for more than a couple of seconds. People are way too lazy about their lane changes. I’m glad that blind spot monitoring is a feature now in new cars.

  2. OP, is it normal to sit in the middle lane like that? Not being sarcy, I honestly don’t know if that’s a rule in the US. In the UK you can get pulled over for middle lane hogging now!

  3. Low key did this to a soccer mom one time who was driving like an idiot next to a truck blocking me in with a line of cars behind her when I was trying to merge. Long story short, she got over

  4. This is clearly fake; the speedometer on your cam clearly shows your vehicle is going 0mph, aka not moving at all! Really man, if you are going to use CGI or photoshop, at least take out the obvious marks like that smh.

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