Giulio Jennifer Lopez celebrates homosexuals


Translation – Gololy

The famous American star and singer Jennifer Lopez celebrated the month of gay pride and published a picture through her Twitter account that featured more than "Luke" and color in order to be the result of rainbow science, gay pride.

Every month in June, LGBT Pride Month is a month of pride, with many festivals, concerts, marches and meetings taking place, and the movement of gay associations and institutions. This month, we encourage self-affirmation and the development of identity. Dignity, equal rights and increased presence.

On the other hand, the star and the American singer Jennifer Lopez, it is not necessary to quickly planning for her wedding with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez former baseball player.

The 49-year-old international star surprised her fans with her statement to Entertainment Tonight. "We consider this day to be forever, so we have to take our time to have a wonderful wedding with every detail," she said.

Lopez also said she was planning some things about marriage, but her busy schedule between a movie, a musical tour and so on was the main obstacle in some things.


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