Ghada Rajab's husband suffers because of the way she sleeps: floats while she is sleeping


Cairo – Gololy

After his marriage to her, the poet Abdullah Hassan, the husband of the actress Ghada Rajab, described the life of celibacy as a tragedy.

He added during his meeting with the program “With You Mona Al-Shazly”, and broadcast on the CBC channel, that he had been living alone for ten years, and that he was against the idea of ​​summarizing the marriage in order for the husband to sleep to find breakfast ready and his clothes clean, because there are people dedicated to these tasks other than the wife .

He continued: "The idea of ​​returning home and finding someone to talk to and do not need with your partner to be beautiful and not hide anything on him, and talk to him in all your concerns, and this is the most important characteristic of marital life."

And revealed secretly during the episode about Ghada Rajab, which is that she leaves him only 12 cm to sleep in while she takes the whole bed assuring that she is sleeping in her sleep, and Ghada Rajab described her sleep as children.

The poet Abdullah Hassan also explained the details of his first meeting with Ghada Rajab, saying that he was presenting the lyrics for a song called “Nassi Al Thani”, and I was impressed by the lyrics of the song that was expressing the general framework of the episode “There is no problem with Khalis”, with the artist Muhammad Subhi, which She was aiming to defend the rights of women, and from here he started getting acquainted with the two, and her first exit was in Hussein.

He added, that the first meeting of the two families took place in a ceremony at the Egyptian Opera House, and on this day he decided to link with it, and indeed he revealed his desire to marry her to his father before talking to her.


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