George Clooney enters the kitchen of an Italian restaurant – اخبار مجنونة


Translation – Gololy

The star and American actor George Clooney, his wife, lawyer Amal Alamuddin, was escorted to a restaurant in Italy for a romantic dinner at one of Venice's best restaurants.

The world star took advantage of his presence in the restaurant to enter the kitchen, thanking the chefs and taking with them the souvenirs.

George Clooney, 58, signed a new film, Good Morning, Midnight. According to a report in the Varetti newspaper he signed up for a feature film based on Leila Brooks Dalton, Which was selected as one of the best books in 2017.

The new film to be released by Clone, the end of the world, is due to attempt to connect with another spacecraft to return to the house after failed attempts by the astronaut.

On the other hand, the star and the great American actor Giorgio Clooney celebrated the special show of the first episode of his new series, Catch-22, in the presence of media and public and with the participation of his wife, Amal Clooney.

He also participated in the opening of the special show, close friend of George Clooney, and the great star Matt Damon, who was keen to attend to support his friend.

The series is inspired by a historical novel written in the spelling of the American writer Joseph Heller, which began writing in 1953.


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