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Genius – The Movie

GENIUS is a chilling movie based on the life and tragic murder of John Lennon. It’s chilling because it reveals what people will do for money. There are ordinary people out there who would…



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  1. So over the top and American,
    do you not know that he was British and would cry in horror to this madness in this badly made documentary… If you can really call it one!!!
    He was the bast of his game by the late 70s and had real stile, this would put anyone off in fear of fame game killer film makers…
    Don't ever make one like this on me!!! Or on anyone ever again, it's just really horrible to watch… Keep your day job at you may need it…

  2. I try and tell people that when they say imagine no possessions and that he lived in a massive house with lots of money and possessions. He doesn't say "I have no possessions" instead he asks people to "IMAGINE no possessions"

  3. Faith doesn't require proof otherwise it's not faith, Faith is spirit given by hearing or reading the Word of God. I have never seen a conversion through debate, conversion comes by reasoning through God's Word.

  4. Belief in god is childish and is mainly based around the following huge fear/bribe – '' He that believeth in me shall not die but shall have everlasting life. '' Nobody asks why if we're not here in the first place we get created and then have to have a test or why should we worship this meglomaniac in the first place – it's his fault not ours? And if Christ died for our sins then I can go and do anything I like without fear of heavenly retribution. Amusing that I would not have killed for money but the believers would.

  5. what about all the other people who were crucified thieves murderers ect it was the capital punishment of that time lol if christ existed he died like the rest of humanity for his sins not for anyone else's sins , this bampot should try this in the uk he'd get a better response lol