From Fb To Thoughts Management – Mark Zuckerberg And The Mind/Machine Interface – اخبار مجنونة

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45 تعليق على “From Fb To Thoughts Management – Mark Zuckerberg And The Mind/Machine Interface”

  1. Need to turn mobiles off when not in use and have a home phone. Too much technology and people stop thinking for themselves as phones do all the thinking for you, not like the 80's and this is what the elite call progress,for them maybe while the rest of society are enslaved to mobile phones, laptops with the elite making money off peoples depression,suicides,marriage,family breakdowns etc. Let that sink in.

  2. This is very interesting, especially since 'Truthstream Media' just did a video on a device you put on your kids head when they are sleeping to stop ADHD (FDA approved). Unfortunately, I'm sure parents will get this for their kids even though it's pretty much like giving them electroshock therapy. This video brings out even more "effects". What has happened to this world…… I swear……

  3. A billionaire like mark wears only stupid primark shirt? There is more in to it…THEY ARE USING FACEBOOK TO STUDY HUMAN MIND CONTROL…FOR CREATING ARTIFICIAL INTELIGENCE

  4. Looking at facial and body physiological factors, Priscila Chan, like Michelle Obama (you can search on youtube more), looks like a transgended male into a female. What you think about this checking the photos on Google and use your openminded intuition?

  5. I find David’s theories fascinating, I really do, I can see where he’s coming from. BUT, surely, if he really was exploiting the truth about all this, wouldn’t he have been killed by now as they like to do to people that know too much? Through ‘natural causes’ of course.

  6. How about Insta, Twitter ect. Why not find something wrong with them? Its easy to become a prophet when you only have to twist things into your view (fear). We have been controlled for millennia most people can't differentiate between slavery and freedom.

  7. This is in incredible. We are currently produced a documentary Called Plugged In which investigates many of these same topics. This interview from the forthcoming documentary has over 216,000 views as Richard Grannon and Sam Vaknin discuss the effects of Social Media on young peoples (Digital Natives) mental health and perception of the world. Great work David.

  8. Whereas universal consciousness by definition equals One (be it fragmented and distributed among all living beings) a part of it will desperately hold on to a belief in individuality and therewith possibilities for some kind of true core-to-core communication (with 'others' that is). Such with the intention to manipulate and create some kind of escape for itself. This behavior is illustrated perfectly with the examples David provides in his presentation. At the end of each cycle it will find out it has been manipulating itself once more, but unfortunately it cannot be warned to refrain from doing so at the beginning of yet a new one.


  9. "its in the DNA" – a reference to his jewish ethnicity? —- hmm and you say adamantly that when you refer to enemy of humanity it has nothing to do with its jewishness …. disappointing….

  10. Hi David. If you haven’t already, I would strongly recommend you obtain a copy of a 1984 book called “The Origins of Man and the Universe” by spiritual master (a real one) Barry Long.

    It puts the whole karmic process into cosmic perspective describing the true nature of the ‘DRACONIAN TRANSVERSE’. A truly mind blowing book written from direct knowledge.

  11. I only used Facebook to spy on people – deactivated and deleted my account about 8 years ago and absolutely no intention of going back to use this nasty disgusting evil thing – at least twitter is useful – I deleted that recently too – next will be this google crap as YouTube is also a nasty nasty thing

  12. The IT-inventor rejects Jobs & Besos' role, naming them impostors.
    Military-Industrial-Congressional Frauds – Lester Earnest on RAI (2/5) ~
    AI Should Improve Quality of Life, Not Make Capitalists Rich – Lester Earnest on RAI (5/5) ~
    Billionaires Shouldn’t Control Artificial Intelligence – Lester Earnest on RAI (4/5) ~
    Cold War Radar System a Trillion Dollar Fraud – Lester Earnest on RAI (1/5) ~

  13. People can't imagine things that are already created and waiting for the release. They will call you names when you will mention it then will use it without second thought of harm it may bring to them. Stay sharp and regards.

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