Free Worm Bin & Easy Castings Harvest – اخبار مجنونة

How to make a free or dirt cheap worm bit that you can use in your kitchen or even bedroom, and how to very easily harvest worm castings.

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  1. Greg ,I'm just developing my knowledge in this field,please can you tell me specifically what are castings,are they worm faeces or part of the birth of worms left over if you will.forgive my ignorance

  2. That was super awesome, my mind is blown. I don't care about the quality of the video, the knowledge is obtainable nonetheless. I love you and love your videos. You're the awesomest guy, you must be am amazing dad and grandad? Haha the knowledge and experience in your mind must be explosive! I'll take it anyway it comes thank you sooo much 💚 Much Love to You and To All and Be Safe, Stay in The Light! (Unless you're a worm! Lol)

  3. Hey Green Greg! I got your red wigglers in the mail yesterday. They looked great, thank you! I even made a YouTube video on my channel MrK5001 showing how I started a new worm bed. Thank you! 💯

  4. Howdy to you and your dad. wife, dog, and i need to move down there. a few people watched the video and my wife and i were the only ones that didn't think it was weird or dumb. They also spend lots of time watching television. we were going to buy a home in ohio, but it fell thru. We're going to have to start trucking together and get some southern style back in our blood. lots of these people north of WV are just plain and simple bad news if you ask me. We save the bark off our firewood and that seems to generate a large amount of worms and castings. Thank you as always for the refreshing talk we need to hear. Some say the sun feels hotter. You or your old man notice any change in skin/eyeball feeling when the sun hits it seems stronger than in the before times.

  5. Going to try this until the weather warms up and I can do it outside… My question for now is will worms survive on mostly coffee grounds?… Coffee grounds are most of the organic waste I have at the moment, until I can plant my garden this spring…

  6. Hi Greg I've just found your channel I really enjoyed watching it I was looking for raising worms I've been prepping since the Y2K scare in 1999 and I'm now retired and working even harder prepping I live in the western half of state of Tennessee

  7. Now that's a real truck unlike the fancy junk they make now.
    Too many computers bells and whistles in todays trucks.
    We are looking for a pre 1984 Chevy. A nice EMP proof runner.
    Dont worry about the rough Camara work. It's the Content that is what is important.

  8. Good practical videos. I saw a video about setting up your worm bins, and my biggest question is do you have to look at them daily and check them like a beekeeper would or do you just let them be for 30 days or 60 days and just feed them regularly? And how big a deal is it to sift out the baby worms when you are selling worms are giving them away in order to keep up the propagation and growing of worms?

  9. If i wanted to put worms in with my plant thats in a 5 gallon pot how many worms would it take to help. And what kind of worms are best to help ur plant(s) grow?. We Love ur channel from Lake of the Ozarks Missouri.

  10. Yep I keep worms in a bin in my apartment. Thinking of bringing them in with me when I move into my van. Need them worms for fishing. Using a cat litter bin would be a great idea. More compact than what I'm using right now. Good harvesting suggestion too. Think I'll do that.

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