1. I bet their nasty asses in the "happy valley"/state college, pa/university park, pa area are STILL TOUCHING on lil boys up there!! Jerry sandusky was not a lone wolf.

  2. Two months he could of manned up and took that little time but you no he was crying moaning and complaining about that and now he's free to commit another crime wow white privilege is a Mother!!

  3. This is the same university that told the black football player to
    get rid of his dreadlocks because
    a palm colored racist male did not
    like it. That is white privilege for
    you in happy valley sexual deviant
    lilly white penn state university is
    located at. The state of pennsylvania is racist af

  4. Hi Taurean.. Wow Wow these pale cave Beast is so dangerous it's So Sad !! ) Mr. Bill Cosby in jail yes it's two different justice system in this world one for Black people & White Sad !

  5. those folk convictions become immediate the compromise for more poor morality characteristics. add recruitment for the team? most likely, a nationalist loyalist for judge? 45 asked for loyalty. those judges suspect to assisting it all too

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