For the second time Mahmoud al – Osaily drives one of his fans from the stage .. Video – اخبار مجنونة

Cairo – Gololy

Egyptian artist Mahmoud al-Osaily raised a wide controversy following the spread of Fidid from one of his concerts because of his dealings with one of his artistic concerts.

Mahmoud al-Esseily paid one of his fans, who went up to the stage to take a picture of him and said, "You're hitting me."

The incident comes after Faidid spread to Mahmoud al-Asaily, one of his fans after asking for a photo of him.

Mahmoud al-Osaily, was criticized by his audience and some celebrities for his statements, which caused his apology more than once and said: "Any artist knows that he is not his audience and no need to describe the north, and that humility to God lifted .. I strongly apologize to all people I was annoyed by the video that spread and I admit that I was not very successful in choosing the words, but the picture and God is incomplete and all my intention was not to distinguish a limit during the party. I'm sorry again. "

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