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Flatland: The Movie – Official Trailer

FLATLAND 2: SPHERELAND now available at http://store.flatlandthemovie.com The official trailer for the new animated adventure – Flatland: The Movie. Adapted from the beloved classic by Edwin…



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  1. Things wrong with this trailer:
    -The houses are not pentagons, but squares with pointed "roofs", even though they serve no purpose.
    -Somehow their mouths have an inside.
    -Speaking of insides, I can't see any flat people guts.
    -Somehow they are able to look behind themselves.
    -Women are not lines, or very thin rectangles, which means no peace-cry, though that bosses voice seemed annoying enough.
    -How exactly did they pave streets?
    -The eyes always stay north
    -You could get seriously injured on the points of those square buildings
    And so much more!

  2. You fold 1 dimension then you get 2D world. You fold 2D world and you get 3D world. Now think about folding time, you get combinations of possibilities in different directions just like that in Interstellar.

  3. I wonder if they left in the scene where the narrator-square describes how schoolchildren learn to Feel other shapes by basically molesting a chained-up isosceles until they wear down his angle to a nub. I do like how they dropped the 19th-century sexism, though. It got kind of excessive, what with the mentioning on just about every fucking page how inferior women are, no matter how irrelevant.

  4. This movie just looks awful. They modernized the hell out of it to the point where it's barely recognizable. I have no interest in seeing this, despite wanting to see a film adaptation of the book. There is however a short film which is said to be really good. It would be worth checking out.