Find out when to launch a "secondary girls" for Jamila Awad and Mohamed Al Sharnoubi – اخبار مجنونة

Cairo – Gololy

The company that produced the movie "Secondary Girls" has decided to set up the special offer for work on Monday, January 6, 2020, to be shown in theaters from the following day, after director Karim El Sobky revealed 5 posters of the film in the manner of "School Karneh" .

The scriptwriter Ayman Salameh, the author of the movie, expressed in a press statement his happiness with the reactions immediately after the launch of the promotional trailer for the film, stressing that the work is respectable and does not contain anything outside or scratching modesty, explaining that the film addresses the problems of teenage girls until all their families have taken notice Girl, because in our time we have a "bomb" called a mobile phone that made the young man obsessive, and the evidence for that is the girls dancing on the "Tik Tok" program, and this can involve them in misfortunes.

The events of the movie "Secondary Girls" revolve around five girls in the high school stage, headed by the artist Jamila Awad, who is studying in a government school, and Jamila embodies the role of a high school student called Sally Mohamed in the Scientific Department.

The artist, Mohamed El Sharnoubi, is waiting for the screening of the movie "Secondary Girls" after he announced his engagement to Randa Riad, the director of the works of the singer Angham, in a very family ceremony, in the presence of the two families and a number of close friends, which made him the attention of the pioneers of the social media.

And co-starring in the movie "Secondary Girls", Jamila Awad and Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, Hanadi Muhanna, Mai Al-Ghaiti, Hoda Al-Mufti, Mayan Al-Sayed, Mido Adel, Karim Qasim, and Muhammad Mahran, and a number of young stars, written by Ayman Salama, and directed by Mahmoud Kamel.

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