Fifi Abdo is injured in the northern coast .. Video – اخبار مجنونة

Fifi Abdo is injured in the northern coast .. Video


Cairo – Gololy

Egyptian artist Vivi Abdo participated in a video clip during her summer vacation in the northern coast.

The Egyptian artist appeared in the video, which she published on her own account on the site of "Instagram", and she walks on her bicycle.

She revealed that she had been hit in her leg. She said she had been "shocked" by her, and attributed the reason to her envy, pointing out that she was afraid of being hated during her vacation because of this envy.

The Egyptian artist Vivi Abdo had recently been involved in a robbery recently after the robbery of her apartment on Shabishini Street in ancient Egypt.

Vivi filed a complaint to the prosecution, which immediately moved to the apartment building and after the inspection revealed that a large sum of money was stolen and some of the gold works of Vivi Abdo.

The Egyptian actress accused her Filipino servant of stealing her and escaping from the apartment. In presenting the minutes to the public prosecution, she decided to arrest and bring the maid and the speed of the investigation by the mabahith about the incident.


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