Fans baffled by ‘creepy’ hidden detail on MAFS date


MAFS pairing Connie and Jonethen have stolen the nation’s hearts, but are struggling to secure each other’s on their honeymoon, and a wayward crew member isn’t helping things.

The duo sat down to their final honeymoon date together on Tuesday night’s episode, and fans held their breath for the romantic kiss they’ve been waiting for.

They quickly exhaled, however, when what initially appeared to be an embarrassing editing fail reared its head as the pair took their seats.

Placed in the centre of a confusingly cavernous, empty room it was hard to miss what appeared to be a person crouched in the corner, crashing the date.

Fans baffled by ‘hilarious’ detail

Fans were baffled by the intruder, taking to social media to speculate about what exactly was going on in the shot.

Some guessed the ‘person’ was an editing gaffe, a fair assumption after a saucy moment between Cathy and Josh was derailed by an awkward continuity issue earlier in the week.

“Anyone else spot the creepy person in the corner on tonight’s episode?” one person wondered.

“GET OUT!” another advised.

“That’s creepy,” a third offered.

A closer looks just had fans even more bamboozled. Photo: Nine

Others took time to speculate about who it was keeping an eye on the lovebirds.

“It’s her mum,” one suggested.

“Maybe its Ivan?” another wrote, referring to the divisive real-estate agent currently on honeymoon in the Gold Coast on the show… or so they would have us believe.

One fan wondered if Ivan had snuck in to crash the romantic moment. Photo: Nine

Another suggested Amanda, who is currently struggling to connect with her wife Tash on the show, popped in to share a moment with the two.

Many speculated that the figure may in fact just be a statue.

“It’s a statue meditating,” one wrote.

Another suggested it may, in fact, be a famous Thai Buddha, distorted by the shadows and blurry shot.

“It’s this. But it looks really creepy in that MAFS shot lol,” another offered, sharing the following snap of the famous Thai statue.

Most suggested the figure was in fact a statue of a Thai buddah. Photo: Getty Images

“It’s all in the lighting,” one fan hilariously pointed out.

With the jury still out on what exactly the figure was, the statue seems the most likely contender.

With a smooch following the dreamy dinner, it looks like the intruder didn’t completely kill the mood, and the pair’s happily ever after may be around the corner.

Connie was forced to speak out after her mum’s sceptical reaction to her participation was slammed by fans.

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