Fb Troll by the bridge.

I used to be listening to the scanner and heard a few calls on this location in entrance of Fb on Bayfront and Willow. When i bought there I caught the tip of a cease. I assumed I’d go for just a little stroll on 500 mile bay path which runs alongside the Fb property. Fb made a take care of Menlo Park to assemble this portion of the general public property. Doing so makes them suppose it’s their land now in order that they put up cameras on public property and attempt to implement their coverage of no recording. Though this metropolis only in the near past bought $303 million for a building allow at a Menlo Park campus and Fb additionally funds extra law enforcement officials on the drive, they cannot cease me from recording on public property.

When you like what I do and wish to assist assist, I extremely admire whenever you make calls, write emails and letters on our behalf. You guys are a extremely large a part of what we as cop watchers and first modification auditors do. Thanks!



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  1. In Australia we call crossing guards lollypop ladies (I'm not sure whether you do in the US). The title fits this glorified crossing guard. He's a loose canon, who can't control his anger (see his clenching fists etc). He shouldn't be let loose on the public.

  2. And that’s why I don’t even bother to go down willow road no more. Facebook is like it’s on city now. They just took over that whole area and keep spreading like cancer. To make matters worse you can tell they use Menlo PD as their own police force as well.

  3. what a STUPID thing for him to say for everyone with a radio to hear… "come over there before I do something stupid" will play out VERY poorly in a court room, he admits he is lacking control and likely to do something stupid… its like he's setting himself up for a very bad reality in a court room… P.S. can I recommend though NOT to encourage a physical reaction, in some states this is called "mutual combat" or both parties will be considered disorderly… "do it do it" is not something you should say, just stick to saying not to touch you and to stop being aggressive towards you, paint a picture that plays well in a court room and they will have little to no angle to defend his actions… same reason I tell folks never swear or raise your voice, when you match their aggression it will be easy to excuse their actions as your own…

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