Episode 436 Scott Adams: Free Speech on Campus, a Patreon Replacement, Trump’s Speech, Healthcare

President Trump is running on a platform of FREE SPEECH for all
Patreon alternative option: WhenHub/Interface app DONATE function
CNN Chris Cillizza reports “epically bad week” for President Trump
Exculpatory information was especially bad, but not for POTUS
Low Cost Healthcare – Whiteboard discussion
President Trump’s 2 hour CPAC speech was impressive
Half the job of persuasion…is getting attention
Nobody has ever been better at it than President Trump
Visual and “a little bit wrong” give it the sticky value
Imagine Joe Biden compared to President Trump
Imagine Bernie on stage with President Trump
The dried out dandelion versus the flame of energy, sizzle
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  1. Democrats are the party of whiners, cowards and complainers who never dare to be great. Obama is taking credit where it isn't due. If the economy goes up Obama takes credit. If it goes down he blames Trump. Obama was not responsible. Obama lost hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs and admitted he had no clue when he said Trump had no magic wand to bring back jobs. The Congress passed the bills, budgets, and stimulus packages. Only Trump was willing to demand US allies fund their own defense and make them do it. Only Trump deregulated businesses. Obama added regulations. Only Trump was willing to take on foreign trade abusers like China. Obama tries to take credit when he took no risks. Obama didn't because Obama was afraid. Trump gets all the credit because Trump took all the risks. If Trump fails it is on Trump. Obama never had the spine to succeed or fail, just like Democrats.

  2. 6:18 – Scott admits the slippery slope is real – "forces jump up to stop the slippery slope." Why would they oppose something fake?

    We talk about slippery slopes to motivate a counter reaction. I call this: "persuasion". Maybe Scott has heard of this.

  3. Scott, I think you just debunked yourself. You don't worry about slippery slope and do nothing because as you said, another force rises up to counter it. However, if everyone had your attitude and paid it no mind, did nothing, then there would be no one to rise up in opposition and the slippery slope would continue and be true.

  4. If a 35 year old white, American male dies in the absence of trauma or foul play, there is no getting ahead of the story. It is opioids. The rest of America is already ignoring this epidemic, and has been for years.

  5. The slippery slope is absolutely a real thing. Scott's argument is hollow. Just because something gets recognized as a slippery slope and forces reasonable people to step up and potentially ruin their lives does not invalidate the negative effects of the slippery slope. It is always preferable to avoid the slippery slope condition. I believe you've already slid way too far on abortion in America with killing live babies after delivery.

  6. The Hillary emails were not just wanted by her political opponents, they were US government property, and under subpoena.
    Asking the Russians to return such stolen property to the US government is asking for the Russians to help us uphold our own laws.

  7. The big part of the email joke, at least for me, was that the FBI was unable to find them but the accusations were flying that Russia had everything. In that case it is humorous to ask Russia to release them, since the FBI and the Clinton campaign apparently could not. Sort of the crux of the joke was that if Russia was so good at stealing data, maybe they could recover stuff the FBI and NSA could not.

  8. Why hasn't the pushback worked on Chicago's gun ban? It's against the Constitution, but they still have a gun ban in the city of Chicago, and if they get away with it there…well…isn't that a slippery slope?

  9. As an ex user verging on addiction, I’d go with that being the cause with having known triple figures of people dead whom I knew who where addicts or users. 5 close friends. That’ll make your addiction worse paradoxically as nihilistic thought can enter your mind.
    Sometimes it’s just the body can’t cope with the amount being taken over time. Toxicity I believe. That’s how the blues Brother’s guy died. Detoxification can kill also if stopping from a high dose without a change to a safer more stable substance to lower it over time. Long acting opiates are ideal for this, as short acting ones give a high that doesn’t last long, but long half life ones reduce detox and last longer before more needs administering.
    I could be a cheaper ‘expert’ on whenhub for addicts. The psychological side is as important and gets more important the longer treatment goes on and after being ‘clean’ from opiates, is the most important thing. What networks to get involved in (NA or AA but there are alternative ones which don’t rely on a deity). I’ll put it to commenters to decide if I should pursue this…

  10. What about Peterson/Rubin attempt. Have they got anywhere viable yet?

    Can Patreon like paying apps be used to successfully give to election campaigns? If so, is it an offence to break the limit?

    Edit…questions come with question marks that look like this ? and indicate that it is a question. I did not do that, hence edit!

  11. Free speech applies to even the most controversial issues, an open debate is the best way to expose the flaws in ideologies, isn't it? If people refuse to discuss the difficult subjects in an open debate, both sides of the issue lose.

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