Enjee Wijdan in childhood with her brother .. A picture of memories – اخبار مجنونة


Cairo – Howida Abu Simk

Egyptian artist Engi Wijdan participated in a photo of her as a child through her personal account on the site "Instagram".

Angie appeared in the picture with her brother, and dazzled the public with its innocence and spontaneity, and the fans confirmed that the shape has not changed much from childhood so far and its features are still the same.

The young artist commented on the picture and said that she lacked the past time, as she was small with her family and her brother, and life was easy without any complications and problems, in which Social Media was a major cause.

The photo was admired by a large number of Angie fans as well as by her fellow artists, including Nicolas Mouawad and Donia Abdelaziz.

Engi Wijdan recently launched a new anthology entitled "You are Beautiful as You Might". Her audience participated in some of the bullying incidents she was subjected to by ridiculing her excess weight. She asked all her fans to turn to lose weight for their health and not for any other reason.

Inge recently conducted her first drama tournaments through the series "Talaat Rouhi", with director Rami Rizkallah and author Sharif Badr Eddin, and starring the artist Nicolas Moawad, Mayar Ghiti.


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