Emily Salem with striking clothes on the beach – اخبار مجنونة

Cairo – Howida Abu Simk

Egyptian singer Amy Salem traveled to a beach for her summer vacation.

Emmy shared her photos with her on her personal account at Anstagram, where she appeared wearing a bathing suit.

The Egyptian artist wore a transparent black blouse beneath her waist, while she loosened her hair freely and revealed her consistency.

Amy received a large number of comments from the public who expressed admiration for her heroine, and spun in her pictures on the beach.

In June, Emmy Salem announced her third separation from her husband, Ghassan al-Mawla. "I can only say that I officially broke up with Ghassan al-Mawla, and this fact may be unknown to many, because I do not like to talk about my private life," she said. .

Ghassan married Emi Salem in 2008 after a love story that brought them together. He had three children, Yusuf and the twins Salem and Sari. The couple had already had their differences and the court decided to take off the mother. Few.

But the differences between them for the second time, and surprised the duo everyone to announce the news of their divorce in January 2017, and then their return for the second time.

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