Embarrassing position for Miss Belgium .. photos and videos

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Selena van Utsel, the 23-year-old Miss Belgium of 2020, was embarrassed a few minutes before her coronation, after stumbling as she stepped off the stairs to the stage and fell to the ground, in front of hundreds of spectators.

According to the British newspaper "Daily Star", the embarrassing situation did not end with the fall only, although Celine saved the situation and got up quickly, it is noticeable that her bra fell on the stage.

Selena ignored the situation and remained on the stage, she simply rose up and completed her show with a wide smile, as if nothing had happened, amidst the fans encouraging her with warm applause.

Miss Belgium managed to get the title and the throne of beauty in her country despite the embarrassing incident, after she kidnapped the title from her competitor Elena Castro Suarez.

The coronation ceremony was held at the "Proximus" theater in the city of "De Pan", and Celine was very elegant in a long heavenly dress.

Darlene DeVos, one of the organizers of the ceremony, said: She was very confident of herself, despite her faltering and falling, and she speaks very fluently, and she joined the Faculty of Law, she is a real businesswoman.

Selena enrolled in the Faculty of Law, in addition to kidnapping hearts at the party, and has a large following of the followers on the social networking site "Instagram", where up to 72 thousand people follow.

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