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Thursday 27, February

People around you are seriously losing their minds today. It’s not just you, there’s just way too many ultimatums in the air for your comfort. Why not focus on what you want in a very direct manner, rather than getting pulled into the fray and worrying about pleasing other people or keeping the peace?

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Wednesday 26, February

The Moon and Mars are in a snag today, creating some stress around career goals and relationship needs. If those you work with or team up with are getting on your last nerve, perhaps wait before actually having the confrontation. Let the situation and the other person calm down before pushing things to their boiling point.

Tuesday 25, February

The watery, confusing but super dreamy vibes continue again today, Cancer. You don’t have to have a plan. What you need is extra sleep and time for contemplation of your soul’s needs. The Sun will meet up with retrograde Mercury creating a powerful opportunity to have an important conversation you’ve been putting off.

Monday 24, February

Your ruling luminary meets up with super dreamy Neptune today, making for glamour galore. Don’t waste time on anything that doesn’t lift your spirits and take you to places your soul desperately longs for. It’s not a day to get sucked into petty or mundane concerns to say the least.

Sunday 23, February

The New Moon in Pisces arrives today and it’s dripping with adventurous potential. This lunation opens the floodgates for your travel zone, so set intentions for your next six months in planes, trains and automobiles. Think about where you want to go right now, but consider waiting until the end of the retrograde (after 9 March) to book plans.

Saturday 22, February

This is the weekend of the Dark Moon, Cancer – a time for you to deeply reflect on what you want to create in the next six months. The New Moon will be in Pisces, your sister water sign, tomorrow night. For now, use the restorative power of Mercury Retrograde to contemplate your relationship to the world around you – so you can shift appropriately.

Friday 21, February

With Uranus and Mars in a friendly trine early today, you get a major shot in the arm from the stars. The messy, soupy retrograde can keep you from making progress over the next few weeks, but this aspect points toward instant progress. Don’t sleep on it, Cancer.

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