elead Fibertalk Berrybeat PART II

Did you know in order to have a healthy heart we first have to take good care of our liver.

Our heart and liver are closely linked when it comes to our health.

The majority of people mistakenly believe that most of the cholesterol in our bodies come from our daily diet.

They believe that they could maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and liver by controlling cholesterol levels through diet.

On the contrary, most of the cholesterol in our body is actually secreted by our liver. Therefore, it is your liver that regulates the cholesterol levels in your blood.

The liver functions as a bridge connecting your digestive system to your heart. Hence to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system we need to maintain a healthy liver

Introducing eLEAD Global’s BerryBeat

Berrybeat is a beverage specially designed to nourish the liver & heart. It is rich in Antioxidants which protect & enhance your liver and heart functions.



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