Ed Sheeran enjoys a romantic dinner with his sweetheart

Translation – Gololy

Babartzi's photographers took a set of pictures of the 28-year-old British star holding the book "Game Of Thrones."

After the world star Id Shiran entertained his 27-year-old wife, Sherry Seaborn, they took their favorite sushi dinner at a luxury restaurant.

The world star Ed Sheeran appeared in a typical "Casual" look, dressed in shorts in navy blue and a "pink shirt" with a "Saint Laurent" pink color and a price of £ 565.

On the other hand, world star Ed Sheeran has spent an estimated £ 42 million on property purchases over the past seven years.

"The young singer became a real estate tycoon after buying four houses worth £ 2.8 million in his native East Savoak district and 14 properties in London," the website said.

The 28-year-old world star, who made his £ 342 million tour last year, has a Galicia restaurant in Notting Hill, West London, and has been praised for his "smart" investments.

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