Ebay Parody Song – Weird Al Yankovic – اخبار مجنونة

Ebay Parody Song – Weird Al Yankovic

Go to our website for more: http://www.lametrain.com/ebay.shtml The eBay Song. Originated from Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way. A cool parody song about eBay and it’s usage in our lives. Thanks!



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  1. This makes me want to cry cuz I watched this when I was 7yrs and damn the memories. I used to go to a friends house with my brother and there was a room that me and 2 others would gather in there and listen to Al all the time and we went there every week almost. The memories are so real I miss those memories

  2. I distinctly remember when he says "as long as I've got the dough" there was a picture of a bread maker rolling up literal dough, with "WTF?" in black letters above it. But here it's just someone holding money. This is the oldest video of this song on YouTube, so it has to be the one I watched way back when. Am I the only one who remembers seeing that somewhere?

  3. 13-14 years and I still like this song. The kids loved it back then….I had a store (as a side income) selling junk on Ebay back in 2004-2005-2006. Made about 10K per month in revenue selling junk… lol… Took down the store because the stuff I was selling modernized itself (I was selling refurbished Ninenndo Gamecubes and ipods)