Dolly Shahin celebrates her birthday

Cairo – Gololy

Lebanese singer Dolly Chahine celebrated her 39th birthday, and her followers participated in a celebration of a video clip in which she sang "Christmas".

In addition to the singing, Dolly gave the fans a message saying: "Mercy Kater to me, Ayadouni, my birthday, and what are they going to do after my birthday, Mersi for me, who are supposed to be there, and the treasure we have, but tonight we have to swallow it." Good luck.

On the other hand, the song "O my love, my mother" was the last that Dolly Shaheen put on the scene in conjunction with the last Mother's Day, which is one of Mr. Ali's lyrics, composed by Alaa Al-Rawi and distributed by Omar Ismail.

The clip "Habibi Non" was the last that Dolly presented, in the Gulf dialect of the words of Asir Riad and Elhan Khaled Gnidi, the distribution of Hazem Raafat music, and the clip directed by Dolly in her second experience in the world of directing after the song "Ya Helou Sobh" to the singer Egyptian singer Mohammed Kandil, where she re-distributed and presented it differently, but the artist entered into legal problems with the heirs of the original composer, the late musician Mohammed Al-Muji, so that YouTube deleted the clip.

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