Dina El-Sherbiny is playing the “Oblivion Game”


Cairo – Gololy

Dina El Sherbiny, the young Egyptian star, is preparing to start filming her new series, called “The Game of Oblivion” on Wednesday, February 12, in one of the villas in 6th of October City.

The team is currently conducting, under the supervision of the series director Hani Khalifa, extensive proofs that include the form of clothes and rehearsal tables, in order to settle in the final form before the start of filming. In addition to the presence of the style and author Tamer Habib, and directing assistants.

The work is adapted from the Italian series form, and belongs to the type of social drama works that revolves around a woman who lives the life of the middle class, and her life changes completely when she loses her memory and finds herself in a struggle between her new life and an attempt to remember the past, and the series is taken from an Italian format.

On the other hand, Dina Al-Sherbiny is about to finish filming her role in the movie "Day 13", which depends on excitement, suspense and horror, with the participation of a large number of artists, led by Ahmed Dawoud, Nisreen Amin, Jumana Murad, Muhammad Shaheen, Mahmoud Hafez and a number of other artists. In addition to the appearance of more than one star of honor guests.

It is worth noting that Dina El Sherbiny participated in the last Ramadan season through the series "Zay El Shams" directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz. The events of the series in an exciting teaser, where the lawyer, "Farida", the sister of "Nour", was killed by an unknown person, and her sister begins the search for the murderer, and the fingers point to the involvement of many of her close associates.


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