myself Dr Anagha kulkarni. Ayurvedic cosultant, dietitian and nutritionist. working on this subject from 30 years.
this video is about
dengue fever- trigger, signs, food regimen & dwelling treatment
डेंग्यू तापाची लक्षणे आणिघरगुती उपाय
dengue food regimen. डेंगू झाल्यावर आहार काय द्यावा
डेंगू झाल्यावर योग्य आहार. डेंगू झाल्यावर कोणती काळजी घ्यावी
व्याधी प्रतिकार क्षमता आणि आहार
डेंगू होवू नये यासाठी कोणती काळजी घ्यावी
eat wholesome keep wholesome. be blissful make blissful
how you can stay blissful and wholesome at dwelling. how you can preserve blissful and wholesome life at dwelling with dwelling treatments
this channel blissful and wholesome life at house is to create consciousness about well being and to enhance qwality of life amongst frequent folks.
info produced on this channel are my experiences and my views.
well being novel….is my hindi language channel..for non marathi folks. i all the time attempt to add new info to it about well being consciousness
thanks all

Dr Anagha Kulkarni
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