7 تعليقات على “Death of a BMW i3

  1. What a completely stupid driver clearly doesn’t understand the road markings why are you even driving ? And the fact she had the audacity to yell at the poor bloke thinking SHE was right just shows how dumb she is. Props to the guy for keeping his cool because I couldn’t.

  2. I love how this video starts out so peaceful.. Driving through a cute town with such a relaxing and beautiful song and then BAM!!! Day is ruined by an idiot driver who then tries to blame and verbally assault you… “hOw F***iNg dArE yOu”

  3. Key factor here is to never expect other drivers to obey yield signs, stop signs, or red lights.

    Defensive driving means you anticipate the other car doing the wrong thing, and being able to avoid it.

    Isn’t always possible, but many times it’s saved me from idiots in cars

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