Day & Ross Freight Foreign Driver Program

The Day and Ross Freight foreign driver program is what we need to consider today. At Day & Ross trucking they are recruiting drivers from other countries to come and work for them as truck drivers. Day and Ross is part of McCain Foods. This program is also know as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project or AIPP and Day and Ross will pick people up from the airport, provide accommodations, help them enroll their kids in school and anything else they might need. How does this affect us? Believe me, the ATA is looking at this to see if it can be adopted in the United States. That is how these things start. Small and then you can’t stop them. I am sure the people at Day & Ross freight are getting some kind of grant or getting paid back somehow by the government. How about this, just give a raise to drivers in your area and you wouldn’t need to do this. I would even rather see this money go directly to drivers already there.

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