Day & Ross Freight Foreign Driver Program

The Day and Ross Freight foreign driver program is what we need to consider today. At Day & Ross trucking they are recruiting drivers from other countries to come and work for them as truck drivers. Day and Ross is part of McCain Foods. This program is also know as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project or AIPP and Day and Ross will pick people up from the airport, provide accommodations, help them enroll their kids in school and anything else they might need. How does this affect us? Believe me, the ATA is looking at this to see if it can be adopted in the United States. That is how these things start. Small and then you can’t stop them. I am sure the people at Day & Ross freight are getting some kind of grant or getting paid back somehow by the government. How about this, just give a raise to drivers in your area and you wouldn’t need to do this. I would even rather see this money go directly to drivers already there.

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  1. I understood your point of view. Could we have an influx of drivers from India or Mexico? Why not. If they are experienced and are motivated? Absolutely. The industry is in a crisis for drivers.
    Do I want to be paid more trucking? Would it give me an incentive to stay in driving? Y-e-s. Is it going to happen? No.

  2. I know a fish plant in Newfoundland that began to import labour from the Philippines. The locals had gone to Alberta seeking their fortune. When they came back broke, they protested that foreigners had stolen their jobs. I had no pity for them. If they had up and left their employers in a lurch, why should they expect to be reemployed?
    Folks are lazy. I was building a summer home. I had to seek far a field to find a carpenter and labour. Locals? Even paying them cash was not successful. Unemployment checks and welfare benefits are easier than doing a day's work. Why get up off me arse and work when I could be watching the Young and the restless?
    Personal experience.
    Foreigners come fruit picking in Québec every summer, happy to find work, while locals won't.
    I'm not cynical. I'm just stating the truth.

    When I was a seasonal employee, I did not spend the winter on government benefits – I found winter work and made something for myself.

  3. There's a lot of foreign recruiting in Canada these days. The thing is that no one else wants the jobs. Despite rates of unemployment. Fish plants are one example. Tim Hortons, McDonald's, chains – which are struggling to find employees are another.
    Pay coffee shop employees more? Sure, I suppose. Should unskilled labour make 2x minimum wage? Inflation would go crazy. And your Timmies dark roast would cost more.
    Out-right say we shouldn't hire foreign employees? Around here you might get accused of xenophobia.

  4. Drivers have to learn if you price yourself out of the market driving is the easiest most stress free job I have ever had but all I hear is drivers pissing and moaning about the pay , home time ect I dont blame the companies I would do the same in my opinion in MOST cases drivers are paid a fair wage , if your a driver with a horrific driving record you should be lucky you have a job drivers with good records can easily find a great paying job in this industry.

  5. Couldn't agree more Mark. It ruined the UK drivers pay back in the 90s and even today it's nowhere near where it should be. Unscrupulous companies hired foreign nationals (Polish, Romanians, etc) at £6.50 per hour minimum wage although that was double what they could earn in their own countries. I've got some of my Dads wage slips from 1970 showing more pay then than most drivers make today 49 yr later! It's disgusting, shouldn't be allowed and yes it will happen here in the US.

  6. Fantastic video. The massive influx of 3rd world immigrants into the US is keeping truck driving wages stagnant. I've been screaming from the rooftops for years about this problem. Unbelievably, most drivers just don't get it. I see the day soon when you'll see very few native born truck drivers in America. Once again the American worker falls victim to Corporate greed.

  7. While I don't object to accepting opportunities to work abroad, and would jump if an opportunity like that came to me, I do agree that it's not right that they're doing anything in their power to not pay truck drivers the money they deserve.

  8. I'd like to hear your opinion on Michigan doing road side drug test from what I gather they're currently in the process of gearing up with more officers and equipment and are even training county sheriffs and local cops to perform the tests so far 86 have been tested off those 11 have been false positives for meth and cocaine and 8 false positives for marijuana

  9. The Amish shun those who are unwanted in their community. Us drivers who are tired of our fellow citizens being displaced for the sake of corporate greed should follow the example set by the Amish.

  10. The Trumpian Plutocracy wants you bent over, cheeks spread and lubed…giving them a wiggle like the proletarian bitch that you are…praise White Trump! Make Amerikkka white again! Drive until you die…there is an endless stream of fresh trucker meat for the Trumptardian overlords! Go truck, my bitches…

    Was this over the top? I can never tell since I was booty-busted by aliens in the backwoods of Georgia.

  11. Hey Mark. They already have this program in the US. It's the Canadians who are copying us. It's called the H2 Visa program here and it's been used by big companies, including the mega carriers for more than 25 years. Back in the 90's the US carriers were in NZ and Australia and Europe, hiring drivers. A friend of mine In NZ came to the US under this program. All the west coast tech companies, especially Microsoft and Apple, have used this program for more than 20 years to bring in cheap Indian IT labor and undercut local salaries. Nothing new here.

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