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Cairo – Gololy

Egyptian actress Dalia Mostafa responded to the criticism she received for her appearance at the opening ceremony of the Aswan Festival for Women's Cinema in its fourth session.

The Egyptian actress said that she was not disturbed by the criticism, but she was amazed at the idea of ​​people criticizing her because she was feeling cold, and this was clear to her.

She added that she had received comments from the public advising her to wear a jacket or shawl, pointing out that she was actually wearing a fur, but she took it off before entering the red carpet because it is not correct for her to appear on it.

The Egyptian artist confirmed that there were people who liked the dress and others who did not like it, saying: "Without the different tastes, the goods would have gone."

The Egyptian artist, Dalia Mostafa, appeared on the red carpet, in a long dress in heavenly color, puffed from the bottom and exposed to the arms.

Egyptian media Engy Ali published a video clip of the artists Dalia Mostafa and Naglaa Badr on the red carpet at the opening ceremony of the Aswan Women Film Festival, on Monday evening, November 20.

Najla and Dalia appeared in the clip, shivering from the cold weather, and Najla commented, “What do you want that happens to us?” Of course, people get stuck and say "Are you not cold?"

And she added: "Oh, we are in the month of 2, I mean Amshir … God is cold, but we have to wear this because of the protocol," Dalia Mustafa commented, saying, "I am dead … we are torturing ourselves."

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