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  1. Paraphrasing translation, it’s too long xD

    – Everyone comes to ask why she isn’t moving

    – She wants to go the wrong way on a one way street, full of cars

    – Why? Because she lives just over there according to her

    – According to her she won’t be fine because she knows the law ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    – Later she says she knows is wrong but she doesn’t care if she is fined

    – First people are appealing to her humanity, saying things like “what if there is somebody sick on the line or an ambulance”

    – Then some guys suggest they should just move the car, but other are saying don’t do it because she will run them over

    – A guy asked her to use her brain and go around the block, to what she answers I do have brains and the guy retorts, “apparently not” :’D

    – The officer comes to see what’s happening and ask her for the papers

    – A woman tried to reason with her and the old lady touched her, the woman tells her “don’t touch me”, to what she answers “I do touch you” and does it again. Then The woman called the police (I think) she tells them a crazy woman is blocking the road and she hit her.

    – Eventually someone takes the car keys, while she is distracted talking to the officer, and people move the car

    – At the end a guy says ” look she is filming ” and they laughed at her, one guy yells “al revés!” (Implying she should be filming herself)

    I may have miss some stuff as I can’t go back and forth between video and comment on mobile :/

    Edit: thanks for the awards kind strangers, I should do more transitions, first awards ever haha

    Other edits: autocorrect errors, phrasing, added a few more things

  2. Yea, I’m sorry, but I’m not watching a 7 minute video that probably belongs on r/publicfreakout (which I notice it is already on, so this is just karma whoring) and not a sub about dumbass drivers

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