Chrissy Tejan brought about a quarrel amongst her followers due to an image – اخبار مجنونة


Translation – Gololy

American mannequin Chrissy Tejan defended one in all her followers by her private account on the social networking web site Instagram, after she was attacked ferociously due to a touch upon the picture of "Chrissy" posted to her kids Luna – three years and Miles one yr sitting on the seashore.

The lady's remark was to encourage Chrissy Tejan to have a 3rd little one, which doesn’t preoccupy Chrissy's pondering throughout this era however doesn’t thoughts taking that step.

The remark seems to have provoked anger amongst followers of Chrissy Tejan, who noticed the remark as offensive and disrespectful to folks with issue reproducing.

Chrissy Tejan, married to singer John Legend, responded to the remark: 'Good however there are years to make this try as a result of my sons are exhausted.'


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