Catherine Zeta – Jones shines at Fendi 's show with her daughter' s

Translation – Gololy

British actress and actress Kathryn Zeta Jones starred at the Fendi fashion show held at Milan Fashion Week in Rome, in front of the Colosseum Theater.

The 49-year-old international star was not alone, but was accompanied by her 18-year-old daughter Karis, who was caught up in her vanity.

The Fendi collection is inspired by Roman civilization, especially the geometry of cross-border patterns and paintings, as well as designs for a Bohemian woman, full of intricate patterns and intricacies.

On the other hand, the American star and actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, published footage of her latest filming session, at her own expense of the site Anstagram.

International Star revealed that the footage was intended to promote its brand of home accessories launched by Casa Zeta backers.

Catherine Zeta-Jones appeared in the published footage alongside a set of self-designed home accessories, now her main career after a long absence from the cinema.

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