Carmen Suleiman reveals her son's face in a romantic shot with her husband .. Watch – اخبار مجنونة

Cairo – Howaida Abu Samak

The Egyptian artist Carmen Soliman shared her fans with her new husband, accompanied by her composer, Mostafa Gad.

Carmen appeared in the photo through her personal account on the site "Instagram", with her husband who appeared to kiss her, while he was carrying his son Zain, who was also accepting him.

The young singer commented on the photo and wrote: "A picture entitled Love Love Bosnian Bosnian", and the image won the admiration of a large number of fans, who wished them happiness.

The photo also revealed the features of Ibn Carmen, who since his birth was keen to hide his face, like many artists.

Carmen had a guest with the media, Mona El-Shazly, accompanied by her husband, and the composer Mustafa Jad revealed the story of his love for Carmen, and he said that he struggled for a long time to prove her love and make her pay attention to him, while she was not paying him any attention.

The Egyptian composer indicated that he was 10 years older than Carmen, and when he first saw her he intended to marry her and wooed her through letters and roses, so that he could win her heart.

The young artist is married to Mustafa Gad, and this was done in April 2017, and she gave birth to her son Zain, and Carmen is keen to hide her son's face despite the state of anger that the public has because of it.

On the other hand, singer Carmen Suleiman has finished recording a song called "Basatak" that brings her together with her husband, composer Mustafa Gad. It is scheduled to be presented during the coming period, presented in a way and idea, and bearing a different character from her previous works.

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