1. If you’re over 70 years old you should have to take the drivers test every year to be eligible to drive.

  2. Everyone should have a fire extinguisher in their car. It’s possible to get low priced small once which are just used with a split and a button. So easy to use.

  3. That man in black is a hero. If he was not there, others would not have approached the burning car. The man in black and white who helped the man in black to rescue the old man from car, was the one who fled and hid behind the wall to escape from a potential explosion. But he came back after seeing others still trying to rescue those people… true heroes.

  4. That one guy in the white shirt got blasted in the beginning and he ran all the way to the median. He came back to help pull people out.

  5. Can someone explain the rescue in the background? Rescuing the driver is obvious, and I see that the front passenger got out, but I can’t tell what’s going on in the background. Did they rescue someone out of the flames?

  6. My grate grandma could drive no problem up to 88 had to stop cause an elevator door injured her if not for that she could have continued. Very safe driver and was in greatest shape

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