Britney Spears with her Iranian boyfriend on the beach after rumors of their separation


Translation – Gololy

LONDON (Reuters) – Pop star and Britney Spears starred on social networking sites after posting a video on her official account on InStagram, documenting the moment when she was riding a water bike on the shores of Miami with her Iranian friend Sam Asgari.

International star Britney Spears has appeared to be in good spirits after suffering difficulties during the past months as she entered the mental health facility for treatment.

Britney Spears boasted of her ability to ride a water bike, addressing millions of her followers: "I'm about to ride a water bike at 60 miles per hour.

Britney Spears appeared and seemed to have lost a little weight, with the intention of going back to normal.

On the other hand, Bertie Spears, for many years of bouts of depression and was close to suicide, because of some of the emotional problems she experienced, where she recently spent a month in the hospital, and left about two months ago.

After long conflicts in the courts between the American pop singer and her parents over who is closer to her guardianship, the court decided to make an assessment of her trusteeship by experts specializing in the matter, after the custody of her father for 11 years.

The 37-year-old American pop star discussed her money and guardianship with Judge Brenda Benny at the Los Angeles Superior Court in a closed room after Spears asked to leave the room for discussions about her children and financial affairs that she did not want to publish in the press. .


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