Britney Spears' father stresses his relationship with his daughter

Translation – Gololy

It seems that the crises dominate the life of the famous singer and star Britney Spears, despite the attempts to get away from them, most notably the strained relationship with her father James guardian for more than 10 years.

"His relationship with his daughter, Britney, was always tense before she was her guardian and her care because of her psychological crises in 2008," said the father of his former daughter, Sam Lutfi.

The father of the 37-year-old pop singer said former Britney Spears' manager had tried to destabilize his daughter's psychological state by harassing her.

On the other hand, Sam Lutfi denied the allegations but was not heard by the US court and ordered him to stay away from Britney Spears and her father and her sons in order to ensure her safety.

It is worth noting that the pop star and the American singer Britney Spears, has ignited the social networking sites, having posted through her official account on the site "Instagram" video, documenting the moment riding a water bike on the shores of Miami, accompanied by her Iranian friend Sam Asgari.

The international star, appeared in good spirits after suffering from difficulties during the past months, against the background of her entry to the mental health clinic for treatment.

Britney Spears boasted of her ability to ride a water bike, addressing millions of her followers: "I'm about to ride a water bike at 60 miles per hour.

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